Meeting number: 173 269 1258

12:00 pm EST

Welcome and Keynote Presentation

“Retailing in a Post Covid World”
Steven C. Smith, President/CEO, K-VA-T Food City

1 pm EST

Fifteen with Beth Z:
Leading With Focus: Collaboration and Productivity Without a Billion Videoconferences

Overnight the traditional workplace culture shifted when the pandemic forced our country's workforces into work-from-home models. Never ending videoconferences haven't helped you and your colleagues be more efficient... they're just wasting your time. Join Your Nerdy Best Friend, aka Beth Z, for proven techniques for focus and productivity, along with the tools to lead your team to be more efficient and effective.

  • Learn ways to cut down on time-wasting meetings and increase productive hours.

  • Discover five easy-to-implement, proven techniques for focus and time management.

  • See collaboration tools that will help you lead your colleagues into more productivity in less time.

1:15 pm EST



1:30 pm EST

Three Concurrent Roundtables

Pivoting: Retooling your Events and Programs

Chris Flynn, Moderator

Emergency Preparedness in the Face of (a variety of) Disasters

Ellie Taylor, Moderator

Revenue Generating Ideas: What’s Working, What’s Not

Dave Davis, Moderator

2:15 pm EST

Sign off/Wrap up




Meeting number: 173 188 9643

12 Noon EST

Welcome and Keynote Presentation
The Leadership Playbook for the New Normal

Gerry Sandusky, The Sandusky Group

1 pm EST

Fifteen with Beth Z: Tech Tools for Serious Self Care

In the insanity that is 2020, you're busier than ever with deals, kids, health checks, high stress and exhaustion. Even though you're being pulled in every direction by everyone and everything, if you don't take time to keep your head on straight, you won't be able to be the leader you are.

Join Your Nerdy Best Friend, author/speaker Beth Z, for a nerd's take on self care. Using today's technology, you can integrate tools and apps into your routine that will help you get more work done in less time. You'll discover resources to help you overcome the crippling effects of stress and overwork. And best of all, Beth Z's tools are free or darn cheap. This is the can't-miss program that will help you stay sane through the busy fall and into the holiday season.

1:15 pm EST


1:30 pm EST

How COVID-19 Influenced and Changed Our Thinking on Supply Chain

Bryan Zumwalt, Executive Vice President, Public Affairs, Consumer Brands Association, Moderator
Panelists: Tom Madrecki, Vice President, Supply Chain and Logistics, Consumer Brands Association
Rob Haddock, Group Director, Planning, Supply Chain, Coca Cola North America
Tony Navarro, Vice President of Supply Chain, King’s Hawaiian

2:30 pm EST

Managing Risk During Troubling Times

We must control what we can control. It’s time to reenergize our collaborative efforts and challenge ourselves to be excellent risk managers.
Presented by the Team from Federated Insurance . . . Jon Medo and Jack West

2:40 pm EST

Membership Game Plan for 2021

Kathy Kuzava, Moderator

3:20 pm EST

FIAE Annual Meeting

FIAE Chairwoman Jan Gee

Presentation of the CBA Excellence in Government Award

Presentation of the NGA Association Leadership Award

Tribute to our Outgoing State Executives and Toast to Joe Williams

Adjourn Official Program