Please follow these instructions to get ready.

Refer to your confirmation email for the password(s).

You can use your PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or other smartphone to participate.

Webex works on most any modern browser, except Internet Explorer.

For the best experience, install the Webex Meetings app. (optional)

To join the virtual meeting,

Click Schedule to find the current session.
When a session has concluded, return here to start the next session.

The program will begin promptly at 12 noon EST, but
you may join as early as 9 am to make sure you are connected properly.

Attendees are muted with camera off by default.


Use Chat to Ask Questions

If you would like to make a comment or pose a question, please use the Chat feature.

Make sure you address your message to "All Panelists".

The moderator will curate the questions and relay them to the speakers.

If you are having trouble joining the virtual meeting:

Install the Cisco Webex app.

Check your Internet connectivity.

Make sure you are clicking on the appropriate session's button.


If you are having audio problems:

Please make sure your speakers​ are turned on and the volume is up.

Close other meeting apps, such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

Click on Audio Connection and select Use computer audio.

Or choose Call in to listen in on the meeting by phone.

If you need to speak to a support specialist:

You may contact us directly by clicking here.

You may call Cisco Webex support at 866.229.3239.